the most lovely spot.

well, my little vancouver trip has come to an end.
but i will be re-living it these next few days
as i share pictures + stories from my glorious little holiday.

first up,
the most lovely spot.
the award goes to finch's.

it's a tiny little breakfast + lunch spot, tucked away in almost obscurity.

the walls are peeling, the floors are old hardwood,
twinkle lights are intertwined with pine garland,
little carnations in tiny glass vases are placed on each table,
and big fat delicous baguettes are brought out on waxed brown paper.
i could not stop gushing about the place in between bites of my delightful baguette.
and i think thanked danielle about ten times for taking me.
{she had been there with her family a few weeks before}so if you ever find yourself in vancouver,
you must must go.

can't wait to catch up on everyone's blogs!
it's so nice coming home to a weekend...
between work + two christmas parties + unpacking + christmas shopping,
it's sure going to be a full one!



  1. Ooh, it's making me so hungry! It looks like a lovely little spot: so cosy and welcoming - and the food!

  2. oh my word.
    THAT is what we need in winnipeg. let's open a cafe, ok?
    ps. cucumber water...ha! you love it.

  3. This little café looks like it's coming straight out of a Christmas movie <3

  4. omg, that place looks PERFECT! I really must go to Vancouver!

  5. oh i will have to go there once i move to vancouver!

  6. This place looks magical, and cozy, and you look so cute- I Love the hat.

  7. hello there. i have just found you blog and it's such a lovely space. is the photo in your banner at la push? my favorite place on earth!

  8. it sure is la push anna. good eye!
    thanks for stopping by!

  9. That looks so tatsy:-)

    Cute blog!

  10. this looks amazing...i've been to vancouver once but now i wish i could go back tomorrow!


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