pumpkin party

pumpkin carving essentials:

1. some pretty pumpkins
we got ours from the grocery store down the street.
obviously a pumpkin patch would have been primo.

2. snacks
we chose: miss vickie's salt & vinegar kettle chips, m&ms, skittles

3. tunes
somehow britney spears got turned on...
discussed britney's clever little play on words with
"if u seek amy"
oh brit.

4. washable markers
those darn sharpies don't wipe off well!

my friends were so sweet & helped me etch out a special little message:
aww shucks. look at that!

and then...

off to a costume party.
we probably had the worst costumes there.
ours were a bit of the haphazard/last minute variety.

kd = mel from flight of the conchords
one guy correctly identified her costume! one for thirty! kidding...kind of.

me = cowgirl.
i forgot my cowboy hat!

sarah = a mysterious parisian
she claims she didn't dress up, but i don't believe her.

alexis = fairy
well i have to go do some homework.
i've been avoiding it all day.
i even procrastinated by making some
cheese biscuits
...which were a bit of a disappointment:
tasty but ugly.
so obviously i won't be posting any pictures of them. ever.
have a good sunday night!!


ps. glee soundtrack out tuesday!


  1. i'm jealous of your pretty pumpkin-blogbanner! also, you're such a thug in that first photo :)


  2. hahaha OMG! MEL!! ok, the other night i had a dream that i went to a broadway-type production of flight of the concords, and i saw mel backstage before the show and she waved at me and i was so excited i could hardly breathe. can't beleive i didn't think about her for halloween... love the costumes. xoxo

  3. looks like lots of fun! i really need to look into glee...because everyone is talking about it...haHAha!

  4. Ah!
    Beyond lovely; I adore those pumpkins!

  5. thank you olivia rae! many people doubted my costume (of mel) but i'm happy to have appreciation! definitely dress up as her next time!

  6. Wonderful pumpkins party! I thought the message was fab huh my suitcase ♥.

    Stop procrastinating and get your homework done before it actually start piling up!!


  7. Oh that sounds like a fun night! The pumpkin carving looked tricky - but so wroth it! Looked so awesome seeing your blog name there. We don't celebrate Halloween much in Aus - so there's never the chance to have a fun dress up party in October... maybe next year I'll get everyone into it. P.S. Cheese biscuits sound yummy!

  8. oh, and the pictures that you asked about were taken with my iphone (crazy, huh?!) iphone has some great photo apps, i think the one I used is called "camera bag" and has 7 diff filters.


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