one of those days...

this is how i felt at approximately

four a.m.
last night,
slaving away on this project.

after 1½ hours of sleep,

i eagerly stepped into the shower...
only to find out that
the shower head was broken,

and my usual blast of warm water was reduced to nothing but a trickle.

went to work with the kiddies at the elementary school.

came home to make myself some lunch,

and almost fell asleep while eating it.

seriously considered skipping my 2.30 pm french lit class...

but my motivated student self wouldn't let me.

so i dragged my tired little hiney to class,
only to find out that it was

you have got to be kidding me.

at that point i felt like dropping to the ground

and sleeping on the university's cold unsanitary linoleum.

and never waking up.


if i had opted for for the linoleum floor,

i would have never popped over to my brother & sister-in-law's for a
quick snooze

on the couch before my next class.

and i would have never thought about
how much i appreciate
those places where you can drop by
unexpected, unannounced, and just pull up on their couch,
no questions asked.

and i would have never experienced the pleasure ofmy dear little niece coming over and giving me a
warm gooey banana chocolate chip muffin

{straight out of the oven}
and a
lovely little kiss.

and i would have never had the chance

to enjoy the stunning combination of

louis armstrong
belting out cool yule
and the
shining sun streaming in
on my drive back to school.

i guess all's well that ends well right? {photo taken by me this summer during my blissful road trip in washington state}



  1. What a day you had. I really hope you get more sleep because I know how it feels. :)

    And your class, well it's better to have showed up and found out that it was canceled instead of feeling guilt later on for not attending. At least i would.

  2. It's sweet that you've got a place to crash and your niece sounds like a lovely little girl. Good done on making through the tiring day. Rest up!

  3. i love when bad days turn out to be pretty good after all! and those chocolate chip banana muffins sound delish!

  4. hi name twin :)
    aww man! what a bad and good day! i haven't been getting much sleep lately as well, but 1 and a half hours, that's crazy!
    i hope you'll catch up on some zzzs soon!

  5. Lovely story and way to go on finding the silver lining!

  6. I SO have had those days, but I love how you see the good also :)

  7. i know exactly how it feels 2 have nothing going ur way!

    there was this once when tutors @ melb univ were on strike & i din check my uni email acct. so i traveled all the way not knowing abt the cancelled class. i cheered myself up by shopping the aftn away! ;D that did make me feel better.

  8. the warm gooey banana choc chip muffin ur sweet little niece offered u must have done wonders... i'm sure it's a much better cure den shopping & feeling the heartache later! ;P

  9. it was great reading your last comment on mine dear. you know exactly how i feel when i am not gonna have my darling mac for the next few days.

    but life goes on! i hope mine get repair by itself too. that will be a miracle.

    have a good weekend ahead with lots of garlic (i will never forget your love for them) lol.


  10. Wow, what a day Jan :) Don't you just love little surprises/unexpected joys? I love that picture from Washington....and I love you. I think of you often! xxoo


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