a lovely realization.

don't you love it when you're reading a book for school
and you realize
"hey, i'm actually enjoying this..."
{and then it makes you cry on the bus...}


  1. +alas, those moments are tres few and far between.
    sigh. just lists of books i would never read/enjoy!

  2. HAha yes because it certainly does not happen often - I think I usually hate books that you have to read for school on principle - I hate being told what to do and read!

  3. i studied business management at uni so my reading material was not exactly inspiring!
    however, i recently picked up To Kill A Mockingbird which i read in high school. i hated it at the time, i hated being forced to read anything i hadn't chosen myself.
    but this time round, WOW!, it blew my socks off.
    it also helped that i had all my exam notes in the margins so i got to appreciate all the true meanings behind the authors words.

    p.s.crying on the bus when reading is exhilarating! lovely post.

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  5. Now my dear, i wish that happen for me every single time i have to study.

    Half of the times, i end up realizing how much i feel like tearing pages off my economics book.


    But maybe after reading this post, i will try enjoying them. And i might end up crying when i realise it still doesn't work.

    Haha! xo

  6. Aww, I'm still waiting for that to happen to me !


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