ballet, books, bestie, + beesly

#1. ballet:
i am hopefully going to be taking an adult ballet class!
me + two friends are going wednesday evening to try the class out.
j'ai tellement hâte...

#2. books:
i am so so so excited for these two books!!
i LOVED both

"the historian"
by elizabeth kostova
{a historical vampire thriller...oh my gosh. amazing.}
& "the time traveller's wife" by audrey niffenegger
{but wasn't so in love with the movie}.

so round two by these wonderful woman authors:
"the swan thieves" - history, french impressionism, et beaucoup d'amour.
"her fearful symmetry" - twins sisters, ghosts, and london town.


{photo taken by me! in seattle this summer}
#3. bestie:
this is melissa. she is doing something really incredible right now.
she volunteers for an international emergency disaster response team called rescue net
she is in
indonesia RIGHT NOW
doing relief work in wake of the two earthquakes last week.

i am so proud of her. i am thinking + praying for her constantly.

#4. beesly:
as in...pam beesly.

jim + pam are getting married! this thursday!
{which i guess means jim halpert and i aren't ever getting together. sigh.}

à plus tard...



  1. Good luck in your ballet class! And you friend Melissa is incredible! She is such a brave lady!

  2. The ballet class sounds so fun! I took ballet lessons when I was a kid and I've always wanted to pick it back up...

  3. Ballet class! That's wonderful! I would love to do that as well but have to get my knee fully rehabed first.

    Your friend is amazing. Good, good thoughts to her.


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